WAJD: Songs of Separation – 1:00 pm LNS 88 min.

WAJD: Songs of Separation

Saturday 1:00 pm LNS

88 min.

www.wajdfilm.com, 2018

Director: Amar Chebib

Wajd: Songs of Separation introduces us to three men—Ibrahim, Abdulwahed, and Mohamad—all talented musicians, who have fled war-torn Syria and are re-assembling their lives in Turkey and Holland. Forced to rebuild their lives in exile, they turn to their love of music to help them find meaning. Footage of their daily lives is woven together with bittersweet musical performances, extremely rare Sufi ceremonies and poetic imagery of pre-war Syria. The film is a moving testament to the heartbreak and loss of war and the resilience of individuals. It is a beautiful meditation on the healing and life-affirming power of music. 

Audience Award, Arabian Sights Film Festival