About Us

World Community is a Comox Valley-based non-profit organisation (est. 1990).

We are a community of advocates working to foster a greater awareness of the social, economic and environmental consequences of human activity at local and global levels.

Board of Directors:

Chris Carter,  Janet Fairbanks,  Marvin Haave,  Murray Kennedy-MacNeill, Fran Kwiecien, Kim Nanuan, Lia Pesklevits, Bridget Rivers-Moore, Scott Stanfield

Fair Trade Products – We sell Coffee, Tea, Olive Oil and Za’atar Spice. World Community was an early pioneer in importing and selling fairly traded coffee in our community, and has used the resources from this social enterprise to support primary health care promoters in Nicaragua.

Through a partnership with Fertile Ground, we sell organic, fairly traded Tea from Assam, India, which raises awareness about sustainable agriculture and improves  living conditions of tea-workers

We have been the leading promoter of the concepts of Fair Trade in the Comox Valley. Our proceeds from fair trade sales also support local organizations such as Comox Valley Transition Society, Care-A-Van, and Aids Vancouver Island.