Up, Down, and Sideways – 10:00am FFR 83 min.

Up, Down, and Sideways

Saturday Films 10:00 am FFR

83 min.


Collective Eye

Filmmaker: Anushka Meenakshi & Iswar Srikumar



Phek is a village in the Indian state of Nagaland near the border with Myanmar, with around 5,000 inhabitants, nearly all of whom grow rice for their own consumption. As they work in the fields in small cooperative groups called mülé, they sing together. The rhythm and movement of hoeing, plowing, planting, and harvesting is accompanied by songs and chants that echo through the hills, sometimes becoming hypnotic. The songs have been passed down for generations and tell stories of the land, love, and the concerns of everyday life in an area that for many years has been troubled by political unrest. Shots of natural beauty and people working in the fields are interspersed with interviews about their lives and music, so inextricably linked. Ethnomusicology Film Award, RAI Film Festival