The Silent Land – 11:40 am SID – 75 min

The Silent Land

Saturday 11:40 am SID

75 min.


Director: Jan Van den Berg

In Cambodia, more and more fertile land is being taken over by large-scale farming industries while small-scale farmers are fighting to keep ownership of their land in order to maintain local food security. Silent Land tells the story of one young farmer, Moon, who wants to continue to grow organic rice. She realizes that she has to find a middle way to survive between the large-scale companies and the precarious future of individual farmers. Moon has no formal education; her father, a rice farmer and bicycle repair man, had no money to send her to school. Now she attends evening classes and learns about the weak legal system in Cambodia. Since she can’t count on the legal system, she organizes a cooperative with other farmers in her village in order to improve their chances of resisting land grabs.