The Sea Between Us – 12:15 pm LNS – 30 min.

The Sea Between Us

Saturday 12:15PM LNS

The Sea Between Us 22 min, 2016

Refuge 8 min, 2016

Filmmaker: Caoimhe Butterly


The Sea Between Us was filmed in early 2016. These are the stories of some of the women, men and children who have made the perilous sea crossing to Lesvos, Greece to seek refuge. Some of the medics, volunteers, activists and life-guards working in solidarity with them share their reflections.

Refuge was filmed in Vasilika camp in Northern Greece in September 2016. This film offers a glimpse into the degrading heaviness of the limbo that those seeking refuge were living through in camps throughout Greece before those camps were demolished. Ella, a young Kurdish activist and her family members call for freedom of movement and the right to re-build lives of safety, dignity and meaning.