The Forger – 12:35 pm FFR – 16 min

The Forger

Saturday 12:35 pm FFR

16 min.

NY Times Documentary and Manual Cinema Studios, 2016

Filmmakers: Samantha Stark, Alexandra Garcia, Pamela Druckerman

It’s 1944 in occupied Paris. Four friends spend their days in a narrow room atop a Left Bank apartment building. The neighbours think they’re painters — a cover story to explain the chemical smell. In fact, the friends are members of a Jewish resistance cell. They’re operating a clandestine laboratory to make false passports for children and families about to be deported to concentration camps. The youngest member of the group, the lab’s technical director, is 18-year-old Adolfo Kaminsky. Their heroic actions helped save the lives of thousands of Jews. Kaminsky went on to forge papers for people around the world in practically every major conflict of the mid-20th century.

Audience Award for Short Documentary, Hot Docs


Please note that the organisers of World Community’s annual film festival encourage you to come and view this film during it’s screening. We recognise that not everyone may be able to attend, and therefore made this film available to you below.