World Community’s four-part series ‘Addressing the Climate Crisis: Activism, Adaptation, and Resilience’ continues with a Comox Valley focus on “Stitching Together Altered Landscapes –  Place-Based Adaptation and Resilience”  Tuesday, Sept. 24 – 7pm – Upper Native Sons’ Hall, Courtenay.

Human beings have been altering the global landscape for thousands of years. But for the past 150 things have certainly intensified. Local landscapes has been transformed by logging, coal mining, agriculture, road building, industry and development. These altered landscapes are where the local impacts of climate change – flooding, erosion, and loss of biodiversity – first become evident. But these altered landscapes also hold the greatest potential for building resiliency. Kus Kus Sum, The Courtenay Estuary, Morrison Headwaters, Perseverance Watershed, Comox Lake –  these places are at the heart of our local climate story.

Conservationists Tim Ennis, Jennifer Sutherst, and Meaghan Cursons will explore altered landscapes within our community and share how they play a critical role in understanding and responding to climate change. Through stories, photos and discussion they will illustrate how we can stitch these landscapes back together with the threads of adaptation, collaboration and hope.

Join us to learn how you can participate in making a difference for our collective future.  Everyone is welcome.  Admission to the World Community series “Addressing the Climate Crisis” is by donation. 

Doors open at 630. Make time for conversation and connection before and after!

FMI: John Gower from World Community (250-650-8694)