Seeking Wisdom: Students & Elders in the Sea to Sky – 11:50 am UNS – 24 min

Seeking Wisdom: Students & Elders in the Sea to Sky

Saturday 11:50 am UNS

24 min.   © Squamish Nation & School District 48, 2017

Director: Ed Carswell

Students from School District 48’s Aboriginal Leadership Group travel throughout the Sea to Sky to interview Elders from both the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations. The teachings empower the students for their 3rd annual 24 Hour Drum event. Elders share stories, poetry, and deep wisdom surrounding issues of language revitalization, reconciliation and forgiveness.


Please note that the organisers of World Community’s annual film festival encourage you to come and view this film during it’s screening. The film-maker will be in attendance, and possibly available for some questions. We recognise that not everyone may be able to attend, and therefore made this film available to you below.