Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley – 1:15pm 91min. LNS

Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley

ResistenciaSaturday 1:15pm LNS

91 min.


Naretiv Productions

Filmmaker: Jesse Freeston


In 2009, the first coup d’état in a generation overthrows the elected president of Honduras, plunging the whole region into a chaotic state of uncertainty. In protest, the farmers of the Aguan Valley take over several palm oil plantations belonging to the country’s largest landowner, all amidst the birth of a nation-wide resistance movement against the oppressive new regime. The camera follows three of the movement’s protagonists and one brilliant journalist from the capital city over the four years between the coup and the elections that the farmers hope will return democracy to Honduras. But will the same people who took power by the bullet, give it up with the ballot?