7:30pm SID – 22 min.  Reaching Blue

7:30pm SID – 22 min. Reaching Blue

Opening Night

7:30pm Reaching Blue - 22 min - SID

Global Reef Films

Filmmakers: Ian Hinkle and Andy Robertson

An oyster farmer, a writer and an ocean scientist share their thoughts about a coastal way of life under threat, where stories from our past give the inspiration to face the challenges of the future. Twenty-two cinematographers contribute beautiful imagery from deep-sea submarines, advanced ocean research vessels and drone cameras, to expose the changes our coastal waters face. Do we have the wisdom and resilience required to understand ocean change before time runs out?

8:20pm SID – 82 min.  Becoming Bulletproof

8:20pm SID – 82 min. Becoming Bulletproof

Opening Night

8:30pm Becoming Bulletproof - 82 min - SID


Director: Michael Barnett

Joy and persistence triumph over adversity in this award-winning documentary about a diverse group of people from across North America who come together in a camp every year to make a movie. On this occasion, it will be a Western called Bulletproof and the entire point is that it should be fun regardless of the challenges each person faces.

Barnett’s documentary brings us face to face with our prejudices and misunderstandings.  This is not the story of someone else who may have a disability; it is our story of who we are or may become.  Becoming Bulletproof  is a film about striving to live fully through artistic endeavour and raises important questions about the exclusion and marginalization of people with different abilities. This life-affirming film has much to teach us about embracing the great diversity of humanity.