The 28th World Community Film Festival brings a dynamic program that will move and inspire
audiences in five venues in downtown Courtenay on Feb. 1 and 2.

Festival opening and closing nights offer ‘must see’ award-winning films Gurrumul and Soufra, but don’t miss some of the other programmer favourites listed below.

Diane Cartwright recommends Love and Bananas: An Elephant Love Story, a heartwarming depiction of positive changes in people, elephants and tourism when a brave woman works to defy cultural norms and rescue mistreated elephants.

Music biopic Holly Near: Singing for Our Lives takes us back to the women’s music scene in the 1980s and illuminates Near’s work as artist and global activist. “This uplifting film speaks
to anyone who cares about peace and justice” says Janet Fairbanks. Another music fave is Satan and Adam featuring the talented blues duo of Sterling (Satan) Magee and Adam

Wayne Bradley is particularly inspired by several of this year’s films which may change your view of trees and forests forever.  Call of the Forest and Treeline look at some surprising aspects of our relationships with forests. Ecology Transforms Youth and Save Space Nugget are local examination of these same issues.

We have a great selection of films from all over the world but one of Gordon Darby’s picks is rooted in our own back yard. The film Cooperativa: La Lucha Sigue (The Struggle Continues) by local filmmaker Ed Carswell gives us a look at the important relationships and partnerships between Nicaraguan coffee farmer cooperatives and World Community.

Another jury favourite is The Radicals which introduces us to a group of snowboarders and surfers who are raising environmental awareness and giving back to their sports and First Nations communities.

Ardith Chambers comments “watching films made by and about First Nations people gives ‘settlers’ a much needed insight into the world of indigenous lives. Dust n’ Bones shows us the role ancestry still plays in local nations”.

Please note that tickets are on sale at the

Sid Williams Theatre Box Office (tel: 250 338-2430)

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