Pan: Our Musical Odyssey – 10:45 am LNS – 53 min.

Pan: Our Musical Odyssey

Saturday 10:45AM LNS

53 min. , 2015

Directors: Jerome Guiot and Thierry Teston


During World War II, Trinidad & Tobago’s underprivileged urban gangs stole oil drums to create a new musical instrument – the Steelpan. This colourful and entertaining film re-enacts pivotal moments in the history of pan music from the banning of slave drum dances in the 1820s to today. The story of urban gangs ultimately making peace through music is uplifting. Steelbands have mushroomed in every corner of the planet. Still, Trinidad remains the Mecca, where each year steelbands of over 100 musicians come from all over the world to compete for glory in the joyous Panorama.