Nae Pasaran! – 1:00 pm SID 96 min.

Nae Parsaran!

Saturday Films 1:00 pm SID

96 min.


Filmmaker: Felipe Bustos Sierra

Nae Pasaran! reveals the incredible impact made by Scottish factory workers 40 years ago against the repressive dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.  In 1974, Bob Fulton, a Rolls-Royce engine inspector, told his colleagues that a Chilean Air Force jet engine had arrived for maintenance and he was refusing to let it go through, in protest against the recent military coup of General Pinochet.  Decades after their defiant stand in protest against Pinochet’s Air Force, these pensioners discover the dramatic consequences of their solidarity. Recently, three of the labour activists were awarded the highest honour which the Chilean government can bestow on foreigners. Best Feature: 28th British Academy Scotland Awards