Migrant Dreams – 1:20 pm SID – 90 min.

Migrant Dreams

Saturday 1:20PM SID

90 min.

www.migrantdreams.ca, 2016

Director: Min Sook Lee


Migrant Dreams exposes the underbelly of the Canadian government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program which empower brokers and growers to exploit and deceive migrant workers who have little access to support or information in their own language. These workers pay exorbitant fees to work at minimum wage jobs packing the fruits and vegetables we eat. Under the rules of the program, the migrants are tied to one employer and are denied basic labour and human rights. When an anonymous caller alerts the police to extortion payments demanded by a broker, the workers must decide who is willing to take risks and cooperate with the police investigation. One has nothing left to lose. For others, the risk to their safety and livelihood is too great. Best Canadian Documentary, HotDocs Film Festival