How to Change the World – Opening Night 7:30pm 110min. SID

How To Change the World

How to Change the WorldOpening Night 7:30pm SID

110 min.

Kinosmith, 2015

Director: Jerry Rothwell


Greenpeace was founded on tight knit, passionate relationships forged in Vancouver in the early 1970s. Together these pioneers created a template for environmental activism which mixed daring iconic feats with worldwide media; placing small rubber inflatables between harpooners and whales, blocking ice-breaking sealing ships with their own bodies, spraying the pelts of baby seals with dye to make them valueless in the fur market. The group had a prescient understanding of the power of media, knowing that the advent of global mass communications meant that the image was becoming a very effective tool for change.

How To Change The World is an intimate portrait of the group’s original members and of activism itself; idealism vs. pragmatism, principle vs. compromise. They agreed that a handful of people could change the world; they just couldn’t always agree on how to do it. Environmental Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest ; Special Jury Award for Editing, Sundance.

Special Guest: Rex Weyler, a founding member of Greenpeace, will attend for Q&A