Five Acres – 11:30 am LNS 30 min.

Five Acres

Saturday Films 11:30 am LNS

30 min.


Manly Media

Filmmakers: Paul Manly & Laurie Mac Millan

Filmmaker attending

The Five Acre Farm in the Harewood area of Nanaimo has a long history of producing local food. It’s one of the last intact farms in BC’s first planned agricultural community.  Samuel Robins, Superintendent of the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company had some visionary ideas. In 1884, Robins purchased Harewood Estates, a large parcel of land between Nanaimo and the base of Mount Benson. He subdivided the area into five-acre lots and made them available as homesteads, at affordable prices, to mining families. Robins envisioned farming as a way for miners to provide for themselves whenever coal markets were depressed.  Today, this farm provides food and opportunities for a wide variety of people.