Film Screening – Los Hermanos: The Brothers

World Community Film Festival and Cumberland Museum and Archives are collaborating to host filmmakers, Lisa Molomot and Alison Mountz, for two screenings of their award-winning documentary, Safe Haven (80 min). The film exposes realities and myths of Canada as a refuge for war resisters.

The first screening will be held on Thursday, July 20th at 7 pm at the Stan Hagen
Theatre, North Island College.

On Friday, July 21 st the second screening will be held at
the Cumberland Museum and Archives. The museum has limited seating so it is on a ‘first come’ basis.

Safe Haven weaves together powerful stories of U.S. war resisters who sought safe haven in Canada during wars in Vietnam and Iraq. The film shows how Vietnam era resisters participated in a movement to support the younger generation of U.S. soldiers fleeing war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most Canadians know the history of migration during the war in Vietnam. Fewer know the more recent stories of the resisters to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who also came to Canada seeking refuge. As war continues around the globe, the question of what kinds of roles governments will play in relation to these wars is crucial: will they participate? Will they provide safe haven? Safe Haven shows that these roles change historically and can never be taken for granted.

Organizer Janet Fairbanks comments ‘having the filmmakers present for a post-screening Q&A session always adds so much to the experience of watching films together. Lisa and Alison are travelling from their homes in Tucson, Arizona and Toronto to join us for these special screenings’. Join us to welcome them!

Admission is by donation. For more information: Janet (250 334-1840)