Film Screening: Being Michelle – Online Oct. 27 – 29th

Imagine being deaf and being the defendant in a court case with no access to an interpreter. World Community’s film series continues with the award-winning documentary, Being Michelle (80 min). The film follows the astonishing journey of a deaf woman with autism who survived incarceration and abuse by a system that refused to accommodate her needs.

The film can be seen online from Oct. 27 – 29th. Click Here to Pre-order tickets.

Michelle’s trajectory changed when she met Kim Law, a volunteer life coach who teaches classes to people in prison. Today, Kim and Michelle are doing the difficult work of unraveling Michelle’s history of her traumatic childhood and her experiences in the Florida criminal justice system. Throughout the film Michelle’s artwork provides her own depiction of the trauma she survived as well as a means to her recovery. Being Michelle is a powerful story of redemption.

FMI: 250 334 1840