Eating Up Easter – 10:00 am UNS 76 min.

Eating Up Easter

Saturday Films 10:00 am UNS

76 min.


Kartemquin Films & Plastic Oceans Int’l

Director: Sergio M. Rapu



The iconic statues and sensationalized “mysteries” of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) have drawn the interest of the world for centuries. Today, this tiny island is experiencing an economic boon as tourism skyrockets. Yet the indigenous culture and the island’s fragile environment are suffering. Some of these issues are similar to what we’re facing in BC.

Eating Up Easter, directed by native Rapanui filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu, explores the dilemma his people are facing.  Sergio intertwines the authentic history of the island with the stories of four islanders. A local ecologist leads recycling efforts to tackle the mounting trash arriving with tourists and the waves of plastic washing up on shore. Two musicians struggle to build a free music school they hope will preserve cultural practices and reunite their fractured community. Sergio’s father attempts to balance traditions against the advantages of development while building a mini-mall in the island’s only town. Eating Up Easter suggests ways forward in tackling the universal complexities of balancing growth and sustainability faced by local communities worldwide.  Best Sustainability Award, Portuguese Surf Film Festival