4 Short Films – 12:25 – 12:55 pm FFR

Diversity & Inclusion

 – 2016 Comox Valley Art Gallery Youth Media Project –

Saturday 12:25PM FFR 

Tales of Kona

3 min.

A film by Michaela Planomaniac

A fun and light play on the roles of service dogs

Identity Crisis

2 min.

A film by Sienna Orbell

Educating elementary students about gender identity and sexual orientation


6 min.
A Film by Aaron Mou

An introspective look at the corporatization of skate culture and the way it feeds homogeneity

HASE – Breath of Life

6 min.
A Film by Emma Frank

A visceral experience from the lens of a young indigenous woman looking at our recent history of colonization and how it has impacted traditional connections