Common Ground

Common Ground (105 min)
Directors: Josh Tickell & Rebecca Tickell

Fusing journalistic exposé with deeply personal stories from those on the front lines of the sustainable food movement, Common Ground unveils a dark web of money, power, and politics behind a broken food system. The film reveals how racist practices forged the current farm system in the US.

The film profiles a hopeful and uplifting movement of white, black, and Indigenous farmers who are using alternative “regenerative” models of agriculture that could balance the climate, save our health, and stabilize the economy.

Appearances include Jason Momoa, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson and others. The narration is structured as a heartfelt letter to our children’s generation who will soon inherit the Earth. The letter is an urgent message about the harsh realities of our future, as well as a hopeful and practical plan for how to bring ecosystems back to life.