2:45pm SID – 88 min. All the Time in the World


2:45pm All the Time in the World: Disconnecting to Reconnect – 88 min. – SID



Director: Suzanne Crocker

Story Editor: Nettie Wild

In search of a new perspective, a family of five leaves the comforts of home to live in the remote Yukon wilderness during the long northern winter and amidst the considerable surprises that the rawness of nature provides. The parents leave their jobs and take their three children (ages 10, 8 and 4) to spend nine months living in a small cabin with no road access, electricity, running water, Internet, TV or phone. Clocks and watches are also conspicuous by their absence.

This family-friendly film explores the idea of disconnecting from our hectic, technology-laden lives in order to reconnect with each other and our natural environment. The film is noteworthy for offering the unique perspectives of the children as they connect with both their parents and nature.

“Heartwarming and breathtaking”

Most Popular Canadian Documentary, Vancouver Int’l Film Festival