24 Hour Drum – 11:40am 34 min. UNS

24 Hour Drum – Aboriginal Youth in the Sea to Sky

World-Community-Film-Fest-24-Hour-DrumSaturday 11:40am UNS


Produced by School District 48


Filmmaker: Ed Carswell

This film follows a three month journey taken by an Aboriginal Youth Leadership group in BC’s Sea to Sky corridor. Inspired and empowered by an Urban Ink slam poetry workshop, 60 youth created work around two chosen themes; 1) missing and murdered Aboriginal women and 2) what it is like to be Aboriginal today. They rehearsed and then performed spoken word and poetry in schools throughout the region at the 24 Hour Drum event on May 1, 2015.  Twelve days later they surprised and inspired an audience of over 400 at the Canadian Association of Principals Conference in Whistler.  Now there is no stopping them!  Filmmaker will attend.