Family Films 1:15 pm – 2:45 Lower SID (Fountain Level)

Family Venue (5 Films) 1:15pm – 2:45pm

Free for children, $5 for adults without a pass (children must be accompanied by an adult)

Water Detectives

12 min.

After a severe water shortage in Matamoros, thousands of children were trained as water detectives with the goal of educating adults about water conservation. Thanks to the work of these water detectives, water consumption dropped by 20% in one year.

A Sea Turtle Story

10 min.
A film by Kathy Shultz

This beautiful animated film captures the life cycle of critically endangered sea turtles. They face a treacherous journey on the beach and in the ocean—a journey filled with threats from both animals and humans.

The Shark Riddle

30 min.
Sisbro Studios

What is the biggest shark in the ocean? That is the mysterious riddle that The Riddle Solvers must figure out. Join their adventure to solve this riddle and discover the powerful and magnificent world of sharks. This charming and hilarious look at the ocean’s top predators has received ‘two fins up’ from sharks everywhere. Best Children’s Program, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Olivia’s Birds & The Oil Spill

7 min.
A Film by Lynn Cherry

Eleven year old Olivia Bouler’s deep connection with the natural world, in particular, with the Gulf of Mexico, and her love of birds drove her to create 500 bird paintings to raise $200,000 for Audubon’s efforts to rescue birds after the BP oil spill.

The Marvelous Musical Report

10 min.
Sisbro Studios

This is a quirky musical tribute to the Marine National Monuments, four remote and beautiful areas of the Pacific Ocean, as a way to think about ocean conservation in a positive way. Best Children’s Film Worldwide at the Blue Ocean Film Festival