Family Films –  Saturday 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (Lower Sid)

Family Films – Saturday 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (Lower Sid)


Family Films 2015

Saturday 1:00 pm-2:30 pm Lower Sid Williams Theatre (Downstairs)

Sponsored by Grunberg Patterson Counselling and Psychological Services


TheMagicLionThe Magic Lion - 7 min.

This animated short is about a Kenyan boy who goes on a quest to save the life of his sick grandfather. In his search for healers in a mysterious village, he encounters a strange lion caught in a trap. Upon being freed, the lion gratefully takes the boy on an adventure.


adelaja_hug-TITLEBeing Kind –  5 min.

Throw your hearts in the air with this beautiful video.  Musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod take us around the world to see small acts of kindness. When we let kindness flow, we can imagine a good future for the world .


EachKind-webEach Kindness  - 8 min.

Were you ever not kind to someone? How did it feel afterwards? Can somebody change to become kind? Based on a children’s book by the same title, this film shows how one child’s heart opened first to regret, and then to change, with the help of a powerful lesson and a wise teacher.


Being Santa - 4 min.

Even in February, we still have the Christmas spirit! This short, inspiring film shows that you don’t have to live at the North Pole or drive reindeer to be a Santa to someone;  you only have to share.


Caine’s Arcade – 11 min.

Caine has a lot of time to kill at his dad’s store. The only things to play with are cardboard boxes. Using his great imagination, he creates something really special, a cardboard arcade. Caine’s inspiration brings many smiles.


healingpowerThe Healing Power of Joy  - 4 min.

Making somebody smile and laugh is a wonderful kindness! The Red Nose Society brings laughter to children in hospitals around the world.


Unsung Hero - 4 min.

Why be kind? The answer might surprise you.


TheboyandtheSnowgooseThe Boy and the Snow Goose - 11 min.

This animated short tells the story of a young boy who finds an injured snow goose and nurses it back to health. Kindness isn’t just for people.   Animals need us to be kind too.  


Grandma_lookingup_WITH_text-webGrateful: A Love Song to the World - 5 min.

This music video shines the light on all the small things that make up the beautiful fabric of our lives.

The song is inspired by the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge when thousands of  participants from many countries learned that “gratefulness” is a habit that can be cultivated.


Our 2015 Family Films are sponsored by:

7:30pm SID – 22 min.  Reaching Blue

7:30pm SID – 22 min. Reaching Blue

Opening Night

7:30pm Reaching Blue - 22 min - SID

Global Reef Films

Filmmakers: Ian Hinkle and Andy Robertson

An oyster farmer, a writer and an ocean scientist share their thoughts about a coastal way of life under threat, where stories from our past give the inspiration to face the challenges of the future. Twenty-two cinematographers contribute beautiful imagery from deep-sea submarines, advanced ocean research vessels and drone cameras, to expose the changes our coastal waters face. Do we have the wisdom and resilience required to understand ocean change before time runs out?

8:20pm SID – 82 min.  Becoming Bulletproof

8:20pm SID – 82 min. Becoming Bulletproof

Opening Night

8:30pm Becoming Bulletproof - 82 min - SID

Director: Michael Barnett

Joy and persistence triumph over adversity in this award-winning documentary about a diverse group of people from across North America who come together in a camp every year to make a movie. On this occasion, it will be a Western called Bulletproof and the entire point is that it should be fun regardless of the challenges each person faces.

Barnett’s documentary brings us face to face with our prejudices and misunderstandings.  This is not the story of someone else who may have a disability; it is our story of who we are or may become.  Becoming Bulletproof  is a film about striving to live fully through artistic endeavour and raises important questions about the exclusion and marginalization of people with different abilities. This life-affirming film has much to teach us about embracing the great diversity of humanity.


10:00am SID – 88 min.  Marmato

10:00am SID – 88 min. Marmato

10am Marmato - 88 min - SID

Calle Films

Director: Mark Gieco

If Colombia is the focal point of the new global gold rush, then Marmato, a mining town with over 500 years of mining history, is the new frontier. Gold, estimated to be worth 20 billion dollars, is being mined in traditional ways by the locals who risk their lives daily in return for modest salaries from local businessmen.  When the Colombian government opens the mining industry to foreign investment in 2006, hopes are high for more lucrative employment. It doesn’t take long for disillusionment to set in as a Canadian company, Medoro, promptly buys up 88% of the mines in the area and initiates an allegedly “eco-friendly” open-pit mining scheme that entails mass relocation of homes and, eventually, extensive layoffs.  Filmed over six years, Marmato is a beautifully shot portrait of the lives of some of the miners who confront and defy Medoro.


10:00am UNS – 84 min.  The Secret Trial 5

10:00am UNS – 84 min. The Secret Trial 5

 10am The Secret Trial 5 - 84 min. - UNS


Blue Ice Docs

Director: Amar Wala

Imagine spending years in prison without being charged with a crime or knowing exactly what you’re accused of. A film about the human impact of the “War on Terror,” The Secret Trial 5 is a sobering examination of the Canadian government’s use of security certificates, a Kafkaesque tool that allows for indefinite detention without charges, based on evidence not revealed to the accused or their lawyers. Over the last decade, this rare and highly controversial device has been used to detain five men for nearly 30 years combined. To date, none has been charged with a crime or seen the evidence against them. Through the experience of the detainees and their families, the film raises poignant questions about the balance between security and liberty.

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